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Did you miss us? We may have been away from the blog for a little while, but don’t worry! Our schedules have been filled with Little Miss Spa and Fashionista parties. For nearly 7 years, we’ve been going strong. Our goal for 2019 is to GROW stronger.

What a better way to do that then by spreading love and positive vibes in the month of February! It is the month of love, after all. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Little Miss Spa Parties is preparing to draw a whole bunch of hearts in various shapes of red, pink and purple.

Check out a few from the past weekend’s birthday parties. But if hearts aren’t your thing and you’re still in a winter mood, we have just the design for you! With the cold weather upon us, I can’t think of a better way to spend time inside then relaxing with your best girlfriends!!!



Wow, I can’t believe this is going to be our 4th year since I created Little Miss Spa Parties.  Very shortly we will host 1000th party!  When we started our vision was to provide high quality and fun birthday parties that would create lasting memories.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be as successful as it has become.

Of course none of this would be possible without great parents who want to pamper their girls with a fun and different birthday experience.  We even expanded and offer Little Miss Fashionista parties in the Philadelphia/Central Jersey area which are about glamour, fashion and fun karaoke.  Make sure to check out that page at

So where are we going in 2016?  Well we are going to resume doing parties in Pittsburgh and North Jersey and who knows what other fun ideas we come up with.  Stay tuned and as always feel free to drop us a line via email at or visit our Facebook page

Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking to you soon.


Barbie Themed Party


Check out some cool designs we did today at a Barbie themed party.   All the girls got the Barbie girl design below along with glittler overlay.  Of course Barbie fans need to be all about glitz and glam.

Themed parties are always fun and we love to make the birthday girl happy! We will always try to work with you to design the perfect party here at Little Miss Spa Parties.

So let us know whats on your mind and let us see if you can come up with the next great theme that makes it to our web page!


 barbie nailbarbie nail 1

“Jingle” the naughty elf wants a Spa Party!



Last night I was getting ready for this weekends spa parties and I left all of the supplies in my kitchen. To my surprise this morning “Jingle” our naughty little elf wanted to have a Spa Party!

He found a robe, a book, foot bin and even picked out a color for a mani/pedi. He even found one of our postcards for that $25 off coupon. What a smart little elf.

Happy Birthday to all the December Birthday girls and Happy Holidays to all!!!  Thanks to everyone for all their support and business this year.


IMG_0244-ELF 2

Halloween Nail Art


As Halloween approaches we decided to challenge our amazing workers to come up with some fun nail art. One of the best parts of our job is that which each changing season we get to create fun and memorable things for your little girls fingers.

Check out some neat designs and congratulations to Laura for her Frankenstein design. She will be taking a little something extra in her next pay check!

halloween nails 5 halloween nails 4 halloween nails 3 halloween nails 2 halloween nails 1

Miss Preteen Pennsylvania


Pictured is Kelly who is a friend of Little Miss Spa Parties and featured on our advertising postcards! Her reign as Miss Preteen Pennsylvania is over soon. She had a wonderful year with lots of fun apperances and events. Please see below for more information if you think your daughter would be interested.

kelly crown

Who will be the next lucky girl to wear the crown? The Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Organization is looking for two young ambassadors to help promote the organization throughout the state at appearances and events. This organization is part of The Miss America Organization. The Miss Pennsylvania’s Pre-Teen and Princess pageant will take place on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Upper Merion Middle School in King of Prussia, PA. The entry deadline is September 5, 2014. The competition will consist of interview, talent, formal wear and sportswear. For more information and an application please contact Judy at



Little Miss Spa Parties at Tanger Outlets (Pittsburgh)

Little Miss Spa Parties has been asked to be part of this great event in Pittsburgh and we will be giving out Glitter Tattoo’s and Mini Manis free of charge.So come out and visit us and why not stay and see Brigit Mendler. My kids are excited. Why not even enter their contest. Who knows, you may just win!

Tanger Outlets, Washington 

The only thing better than attending Bridgit Mendler’s FREE concert on August 15 is MEETING her, VIP style! Enter now to win VIP Passes for you and a friend to meet Bridgit Mendler; BEFORE the show.What are you waiting for? enter here, now!


Spa party setup and pictures


We are always asked “How much room do you guys need” or ” How much space will this take”.  At Little Miss Spa Parties we will always work around and accommodate your space.  Either we will use your furniture or in some cases rearrange some stuff to make room (Don’t worry, we always put it back where we found it) or use our folding chairs with slip covers.

We have done over 500 parties and we have yet to not figure out the best layout for your home.  Most importantly is you get to sit back and relax and let us handle all the work!

Here are some examples of recent setups and what they look like:

Erika spa party setup2 party setup 2party setup 3party setupErika spa party setup

Contest winner enjoying her FREE Spa Party!


contest winner party 2 contest winner party 1Madeleine enjoying her free spa party with a few of her best friends! I hope everyone is having a great start to your summer.

We are very busy and working on fun nail designs, new items and much more. During the summer we are happy to host parties during the week and would love to come and help entertain your girls during those summer sleepovers!

Little Miss Spa Parties and Oh So Fabulous


Little Miss Spa Parties and Oh So Fabulous  came together recently and hosted a fun and colorful spa party for her daughter’s 6th birthday.  You can check out all the great pictures courtesy of Havana Photography.

We really enjoyed working with both of them.  Our goal is to make every girls day special and to work with whatever space, budget and desires you may have for your daughters.

Below are a couple of my favorite pictures: once again thanks to Havana Photography.

girls reading magazines drying timemanicure b&W bracelet makingNorthern NJ team

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