Spring Nail Designs for Kids

Nail Design

One of the fun things we get to do here at Little Miss Spa Parties is seasonal nail art.  At every party we will always do at least one finger on each hand with some sort of design.  Time permitting we can do more or you could always opt to add an extra hostess which will allow us the time to create more designs. 

Are you on Pinterest yet?  It’s a great place to learn and find all kinds of new and colorful designs.  Below are a couple of examples.  You can follow our board for more creative ideas at www.Pinterest.com/LilMissSparties

spring nail art 2spring nail art 1

Pastel colors, bunny rabbits, polka dots and carrots are all spring ideas that are very easy and popular to do.  Give us a call to plan your daughter’s birthday party and she and her friends could have one of these fun designs just in time for Easter!

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