Deposits: $100 deposit is required to reserve all dates/times and in order to start your birthday party planning process.

Travel Fee: All travel fees are mileage based from zip codes 18977 or 07876 to your location.

  • 0-50 miles round trip there is no travel fee
  • 50-99 miles roundtrip $25
  • 100 miles plus round trip is negotiable
  • However, we may decide that a location is too far or not easily accessible for our workers.

Final payment is due the day of the event (prior to start of birthday party) paid in CASH only. No exceptions.

Cancellation and Refunds: If you must cancel your birthday party for any reason, the following refund policy applies:

  • We will be unable to refund your deposit.
  •  If you need to reschedule and your party and it is more than 3 weeks away, we will gladly offer an alternative party date for your consideration at no additional cost.
  • If your party is less than 3 weeks away you will forfeit your deposit and we will have to charge you another $100 deposit due to the fact that we will not be able to rebook the original time slot for another party.
  • In the event of inclement weather, severe illness or other unforeseen emergencies, we reserve the right to cancel any event and offer an alternative party date at no additional cost.

Coupons: Only one coupon may be used per party.

Gratuity:  It is not expected but certainly appreciated

Final Headcount

  • Final headcount is confirmed 2 days prior to the event. Please confirm guest list. You will be responsible for all guests (over 10 girls) confirmed at final head count.
  • The maximum number of girls for the sleepover package is 6 girls
  • The maximum number of girls for all other packages is 18 girls
  • If you would like over 18 girls we will have to charge you for 2 parties due to the number of resources needed to provide the best possible party experience for you and your guests.

Food Items

  • All Cakes and Cupcakes need to be ordered 2 weeks prior to party date.  We can not guarantee availability if ordered after that.
  • We are not responsible for food allergies.  Our products do not contain peanuts but we can not guarantee this.  It is your responsibility to determine if a guest has an allergy.

The Day of the Birthday Party

  • Arrival Time: Our party staff will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to each birthday party for setup.
  • Pets: Please remove all pets from the party area prior to our arrival.
  • Parking: Please leave some space for us to park near an entrance where we will not be blocked in. We would appreciate easy access; we have a lot of heavy items to carry into your  birthday party!
  • We will need a sink area in order to continue to fill and refill the spa bowls.
  • Cleaning: In addition to cleaning up our equipment after the party, our party team makes every attempt to protect your surfaces with slip covers and towels during the birthday party. We are not responsible for cleaning costs incurred by damages from party guests.

Safety & Hygiene

  • We do not file, clip or trim nails or skin.
  • These parties are for entertainment purposes only.  We are not licensed cosmetologists.
  • Please inform your invited guests that it is extremely helpful if they come to the party with clean nails and feet and all polish removed.

  • For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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